Exceeding Expectations Since 1985

These days there is a lot of talk of "customer service", but it certainly seems hard to find it when you really need it. Some companies look real good in their advertising but when they actually show up you wonder what happened. It is difficult to get anyone to actually answer the phone, call you back, show up on time, or not leave a bigger mess than the one they tried to fix! And if something goes wrong it seems even harder to find anyone who cares!


I spent 5-Years, when I graduated from College, in "Corporate America". In that time I learned first hand how NOT to treat customers. I vowed when I bought Comfort Design to never let the phrase "Corporate Policy" enter into my companies vocabulary. Those two words can make people leave your company faster than any other words uttered.


At Comfort Design, we are here when you need us and we really do care. Since 1985 our top priority has been to exceed our customer's expectations and create what we call "Raving Fans"! You have my word that you will get award winning customer service when you call my company. We will work hard every day to EARN your business and our goal is to establish a life long relationship with your family.


Thanks for calling us today and I hope we earn your respect & business with the way we treat our customers.

-Tom Damiani (Owner)